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To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world

- Freya Stark

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When two of one’s passions collide, the results can be phenomenally rewarding. As a passionate photographer and traveller, I've been lucky enough to journey widely throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and America, capturing many diverse locales.

These have included the windswept St Kilda archipelago, Chernobyl, Transylvania’s verdant woodlands, the vast plains of Siberia, and thriving cityscapes such as Budapest, Zurich, Prague, Cracow, Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, San Francisco, Beijing and Jerusalem to name but a few. 

I am also CEO of the Stripey Media Design Agency, serving clients throughout the world, as well as being a professional writer and photographer. In 2010, I founded the charity Chernobyl Heart with my partner, which has raised money to buy life-saving equipment for a children’s hospital in Gomel, Belarus. 

I have worked professionally as a lecturer at Blackburn University, and also teach my own photography courses throughout the United Kingdom.

Portrait Photography


Portrait photography should tell a story and evoke memories of a time, a place, an experience. I do my shoots in natural, enhancing light, eschewing that of a studio.